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We have designed an online workshop to enhance multiple intelligence and develop the IQ & EQ of children.

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We have designed an online workshop to keep your children engage.

Age group 6 to 14 yrs.

We are going to conduct the following activities :
1.Brain Gym exercises
2. Eye Ball exercises
3. Music Meditation
4. Memory Games
5. Personality Development Modules
6. Fun activities & Much more…

Daily a small task will be given to the child. So they will be engaged doing it.

The main aim is to distract them from TV & using mobile.

Monday to Friday ( Weekdays batch)

Duration: 15 sessions ( 3 weeks)

Time slots :

  1. Slot one: 11.00 am to 11.45 am
  2. Slot two: 04.00 pm to 04.45 pm
  3. Slot three: 07.00 pm to 07.45 pm

We are taking the following activities

  1. Exercises for brain balancing and eyeball ( reading speed)
    • Brain gym exercises
    • Warm-up exercises
    • Eyeball exercises
  2. Small tasks: we are going some small tasks to all students as per age to develop multiple intelligences
    • Ex.- Image description/story making from image to enhance visual intelligence ( vision smart)
    • Take interview of father/mother/brother to increase social interaction & interpersonal intelligence
  3. Music therapy to balance brain waves and enhance the capacity to grasp more and develop an emotional quotient.
  4. Our aim is to develop IQ with EQ using simple steps & discourage them from watching TV or using mobile all-day
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