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A Basic Skill We Should Have Learned as Kids

Living through emotional reactions Even in our most mundane moments. Our emotions aren’t always overwhelming us, but they are always affecting us, coloring our perceptions and opinions about ourselves and our world. The “fish in water” effect Because we are immersed in our emotions’ effects every moment of our lives, we tend to talk about them

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The Loner’s Guide to Becoming a Team Player

Moving to a team-centered role If you’ve moved from an individual role to a more team-centred position, working as part of a team may at first pose a challenge. But, there are ways to overcome this problem and learn how to work together in a team. Hesitant about sharing responsibilities Consider why you prefer to

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How to Do Long Term

Long-term thinking Long-term thinking is more challenging than most people imagine. It is then also more lucrative than many people think. The long run consists of a collection of short runs that you have to put up with: recessions, bear markets, meltdowns and surprises. Instead of assuming long-term thinkers don’t have to deal with nonsense, the question is how you

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The 3 Pillars of Creativity

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Creativity And Awareness The practical application of creativity requires the help of our logical left side of the brain. Although we perceive that our creative right side of the brain

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How to get over the need to be get liked by everyone you meet

Wanting to be liked by everyone Many people go through life desiring everyone to like them – not just a boss or a co-worker but strangers – the customer-service reps, cab drivers, or people in the grocery store. Just telling yourself, it doesn’t matter if the others like you is bad advice. You know it

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4 reasons why people choose junk food over healthy food

Junk Food over Healthy Food The term "junk" refers to something that we wouldn’t want or garbage. The point as to why junk food is called as such is because these junk foods are processed foods that offer little to no nutritional value. The four reasons why people choose junk food over healthy foods are

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